History of Satta King

Satta King game is played in India for many years. This is a very popular gambling game in India. In 21st century, Satta King is a very popular game and it is played every day online. Many people earned a hard cash out of it by betting & gambling even after it is totally illegal in India. Here we are going to discuss about the history of popular gambling game - Satta King.

This game is a king of lottery game which was evolved on opening and closing prices of cotton which was transmitted from the New York Cotton Exchange Factory. This game was started and named as "AnkadaJugar" before the Indian Independence. 

Types of Satta King or Matka King games:

Kalyanji Bhagat

In 1962s, Kalyanji Bhagat runs a grocery shop and from that shop he started gambling in Worli on the opening and closing rates of Cotton in New York Cotton Wholesale market. After that he started Worli Matka game which was named after Kalyanji Bhagat.

2. Suresh Bhagat

Suresh Bhagat was also one of the king of Satta Game but he died. His death was a huge mystery that time. After complete investigation, police found out that his son and wife killed him. Suresh Bhagat name in Matka King is still shining & people nowadays are playing Matka with his name.

3.Rattan Khatri

Rattan Khatri was famous or also known for Matka King. He was running many illegal gambling network in India as well as out of the country. This game is named after him as Rattan Khatri

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