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Types of Games in Satta King

Satta king is itself is a very big game and many games comes under Satta King. But few Satta Games are famous in India. So, we are going to discuss about these games only. There are four types of Satta King game played in India or you can say people give preference to these four games. These famous satta king games are:
Disawar  satta Gali satta Gaziabad satta Faridabad satta
How To Find Satta Result?
After  you selected your number and made the bidding. You need to check the result so its not a hard task. There are many online websites where you can easily check out your satta result in their website portal. 
What is the Concept Behind Satta King Game?
Satta king is a gambling game or you can say it is a type of lottery game. In this game, total 100 people take part & there will be 1 winner out of these 100 peoples. People need to select their numbers from 1-100 and all 100 peoples name are put in the pot with their numbers. Then a slip is drawn from the jar or pot & the person who&#…

Why You Should Play Satta King Game?

If you are here that means you have already researched about Satta King game and want to play this game eagerly. Now, a very little question - Why You should play Satta King Game? The answer to this question is Matka Gambling game is very easy to play. It does not matter what is your age, from where you belong, or what class you are in or you are married or a 14-year-old student. Playing Satta King online or gambling is very easy. If you want to play satta king, then you just need a mobile phone, an internet connection and a little knowledge of numbers.
If you want to play this betting game, then there are many questions arising in your ming like, 
Is this game illegal in India?
If I play this game on mobile phone, will I be tracked?
I am a school student, can I play satta king game?
How Do I Receive money If I win this game?
These questions comes in everyone's mind when someone tries to play this game for the very first time. You can play this game without any dear or risk. But make su…

History of Satta King

Satta King game is played in India for many years. This is a very popular gambling game in India. In 21st century, Satta King is a very popular game and it is played every day online. Many people earned a hard cash out of it by betting & gambling even after it is totally illegal in India. Here we are going to discuss about the history of popular gambling game - Satta King.
This game is a king of lottery game which was evolved on opening and closing prices of cotton which was transmitted from the New York Cotton Exchange Factory. This game was started and named as "AnkadaJugar" before the Indian Independence. 
Types of Satta King or Matka King games:
Kalyanji Bhagat
In 1962s, Kalyanji Bhagat runs a grocery shop and from that shop he started gambling in Worli on the opening and closing rates of Cotton in New York Cotton Wholesale market. After that he started Worli Matka game which was named after Kalyanji Bhagat.
2. Suresh Bhagat
Suresh Bhagat was also one of the king of Satta …

How to Play Satta King?

Satta King, or we can say Indian game Matka King is totally based on bidding, random number selection & luck. However, in this game, you have to select the right number to win this game & you will become Satta King. Satta King requires a lot of numbers knowledge &choosing a right number. If you wins a game in Satta King, you will be rewarded with a huge amount of money that probably be a great financial success for you. Here we are going to share some tips on how to play Satta King online.
This game is not a rocket science & anyone can play this game easily. You just need little knowledge of numbers & practice and boom, you are the KING. You just need to pick 3 number. Lets take an example - 3, 5, 9. To add a substance, we will add the number and pick the last digit ( 3+5+9) and the last number will be given. Like we selected, the last number is 17. Now, you need to keep last digit of this number i.e, 7. & finally your first draw numbers will be 3, 5, 9 *7.
So, i…